Student Shares Life-Changing Experience in SOME’s Center for Employment Training

This blog post was originally a letter written by Lenee Horton, a graduate of SOME’s Center for Employment Training (CET), that was sent to Ralph Boyd, our president and CEO.

Lenee Hornton Employment Training Success Story MAA QuoteDear Mr. Boyd,

My name is Lenee Horton, and I am writing this letter to reflect on how SOME at CET has changed my life.

Before my enrollment with SOME, I became a mom for the first time and my life had taken a drastic change for the better. Even though I couldn’t return to my previous job of 7 years, I knew I had to make a sacrifice not only for me but for my son.

Over the years, working as a dietary aide at a nursing/rehabilitation center, I took pride in making sure that the patients’ needs were met; but along the road I enjoyed learning things on the outside of the kitchen, which was the medical field. After parting ways with the nursing home and the birth of my child, I knew I had to make bigger and better decisions as far as my education and a new career. I did my research and came across SOME CET and saw that the courses offered were what I always had a passion for was on the list—a Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA). I took it upon myself to apply and from there it was on!

I met with Mr. Brandon Starling in April of 2021, and since then I became a CET student. Being at CET has given me a better look on life. Ms. Aubee who is my MAA instructor has prepared me for everything I have ever asked for. Knowing the ins and outs of the MAA field, she has always had the patience when dealing with her students and I know it’s a lot. Since being in her class, she has always stayed on top of me to make sure I studied hard and even when I felt down about my life outside of school, she kept me in good spirits and made sure I stayed focused, and I’m forever grateful for her.

Mr. Hilder has been such good help with math. Honestly, it was never my favorite subject in school, but he has definitely given me hope with doing things the right way. I appreciate the calls he made to make sure I had them correct, not just with a calculator, but in my head.

Mr. Starling, Ms. McCormick and Mr. Robinson have all given me experience to enhance my interpersonal skills. I have always known how to be professional but working with them it’s on a whole new level. I am happy to now be able to go to an interview and advocate for myself with sky-high confidence. I owe them for equipping me and I’m forever grateful for them as well.

As I finish the CET program, I promise to become an even better person than I was before. All my instructors made a big impact on my life, and I plan to take all that with me through my new journey—not only with my career, but in life itself.

I’m proud to echo the saying, “Once CET, Always CET!”

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