Employer Partners

Human Development
CET addresses the barriers that have prevented the students from success in the past. Students receive employment preparation, such as case management and workshops in money management. Life skills are strengthened through one-on-one counseling and psycho-educational groups. This segment also includes a retention aspect where students are contacted once a month for 12 months after graduation to check on employment status and offers incentives for maintaining full-time employment.

Skills Development
Trainees increase their vocational training by utilizing workplace tools, attending industry presentations and field trips, and much more. Additionally, competency tests are used to assure that trainees thoroughly understand each content area.

Career Development
Our Talent Development Department provides students, graduates, and their employers with a life-long network of support. After graduation, ongoing follow-up services are provided, including job coaching, monthly check-ins, and support services, to ensure that graduates meet and exceed employers’ expectations. SOME CET also supports graduates with ongoing career development planning, mentoring, our alumni network, and after-work seminars.

Contact Okema Wade at Owade@some.org to learn more about ways to partner with SOME CET.