Providing Hope and Care to DC Residents for Over 50 Years

How We’re Meeting an Urgent Need Close to Home

There are many triggers that lead to homelessness, including job loss, domestic violence and illness. In a city like Washington, DC, with our soaring cost of living and lack of affordable housing, many of our neighbors are just one hardship away from dislocation.


Our Culture

As a faith-inspired organization, our founding mission stems from our belief that everyone deserves dignity, respect and autonomy. Appreciation for our shared humanity and sense of community has been a central pillar of our operations for over 50 years. At SOME, we strive to serve, empower and elevate all members of our community. 


Our Values

Our values are the fundamental beliefs that guide what we do. They are the lens through which we view the world. Every day, they motivate us to do better, to be better.

Value #1

An interfaith approach to service for our brothers and sisters in need and welcome the assistance of all concerned persons.

Value #2

Empowering the people we serve by respecting their human dignity and by helping them to restore hope into their lives.

Value #3

Advocating on behalf of those we serve with collaborative partnerships that address the root causes of homelessness, hunger and poverty.

Value #4

Responsible stewardship of the resources provided by our donors, volunteers and employees.

Value #5

Integrity and trust by setting high standards for inclusive policies, practices and behaviors that are objective and fair.

Our History

In 1970, Father Horace McKenna, S.J. and an interfaith group of priests, ministers and volunteers started a lunch line on North Capitol and K street in Washington, DC. Each day, the neighborhood would gather to enjoy a free meal. Out of those early days of soup and sandwiches, SOME grew into what it is today—a valued community leader working to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through our comprehensive approach to care.


Father Horace McKenna, S.J. and an interfaith group of priests, ministers and volunteers begin to serve sandwiches to those experiencing hunger and homelessness in DC’s Ward 5.


Our Provide-a-Meal (PAM) Program launched with the help of local churches, synagogues, businesses and other organizations dedicated to helping us prepare and serve hot, nourishing meals in our Dining Room.


We opened our Dental Clinic and began to provide essential dental services to our community, which included services as such cleanings, root canals, extractions and surgical procedures. We have served more than 6,000 clients.


We began providing essential medical services and support through our Medical Clinic, offering primary care, lab testing, HIV and STD screenings, pap smears, chronic illness management and other essential services. To date, we have served 9,000 clients at our SOME Medical Clinic.


Supporting Copy: SOME launched its Senior Services program and began providing permanent, affordable housing for seniors, including emergency housing for those who have been abused or neglected. We currently house 43 senior adult in Keuhner House, in Ward 8. In Decemer 2021, we opened the Karin House, which provides 40 seniors with newly renovated apartments at the historic Walter Reed campus.


We began offering hot showers and free clothing. Our shower facilities are still available every day of the year, and we also provide free toiletries and towels. Our Clothing Rroom offers clothes, shoes, accessories and small home goods to our neighbors in need. Everything is free and seasonally appropriate. We also have a special room for children’s clothing, toys and educational items.


The residential addictions treatment program opened in 1989. Today, we offer residential treatment facilities as well as outpatient and medication assisted treatment. To date, we have served more than 1,600 clients through our addiction treatment programs.


We welcome 92 residents to our first long-term affordable housing program, Shalom House. Today, there are 1,295 residents enrolled in our affordable housing program, including single adults, families, veterans and seniors.


We open a second dining room, adjacent to our main Dining Room, to better meet the needs of women and children experiencing homelessness. On an average day, we serve 235 meals to our neighbors in need.


We open the Center for Employment Training (CET), a licensed post-secondary vocational school that offers free, hands-on training in the healthcare and building trades fields. In addition to providing technical instruction—in areas such as CPR, First Aid, Heating and Venting. At CET, students also learn the soft skills they need to secure a new role.


Our Behavioral Health Services program launches to support adults experiencing homelessness and/or poverty by helping them stabilize and maintain their mental health.


We launch our Affordable Housing Initiative, with a goal of creating 1,000 new units of housing for DC residents. We have now exceeded this goal of units completed or in development.


The Conway Center, our most innovative project to date, opens its doors to the community. Conway is the first facility in DC to combine affordable housing, job training and healthcare under one roof. It provides 152 units for single men and women, as well as 30 units for families.


After 42 years as SOME’s President, Father John Adams steps into a new role as President Emeritus. SOME's Board of Directors also appoints Ralph Boyd as the new President and CEO.