SOME's Community Outreach and Education Program

Building Stronger Communities through Education and Empowerment

At SOME, our community outreach and education program focuses on creating awareness within the community about our organization, understanding how we can help the community or meet them half-way, and encouraging people in the community to volunteer and donate, making it simpler for SOME to achieve its long term goals and execute our strategic plan. Our education segment is focused on educating students and organizations on the impact and history of homelessness in DC, and steps people can take to help fight homelessness. Outside of homelessness, we focus on social justice and equity, which are vital pieces of what we do. 

For questions about outreach and how to request a speaker, please email


Saint John's College High School

| Outreach and Education with Saint John’s College High School

SOME recently collaborated with Saint John’s to combine social justice reflection with a volunteer service day, with the goal of raising awareness and providing concrete action steps for students to support SOME’s mission and activities.


Providing Universities with Educational Resources

 | Portland State University

SOME’s university level education session included point-in-time counts of homelessness in DC, social justice reflections, equity vs equality, income and poverty rates, per capita incomes by ward, SOME’s affordable housing continuum, and looking at key factors that lead to homelessness.


DOJ Criminal Division Day of Service

 | Department of Justice

SOME had the privilege of hosting a group of distinguished guests from the Department of Justice. Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. and his executive staff of the Criminal Division took time out of their busy schedules to join us for a day of service in the dining room. It was heartening to see such high-ranking officials rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in our community outreach efforts. Following the service project, we had the opportunity to share an overview of our continuum with them and stress the importance of interface and volunteerism. We hope this visit will inspire them to continue to support our mission and help us make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.