Affordable Housing Initiative

Strategic Plan

Our FY22-26 Board Approved Strategic Plan includes purposeful growth in our affordable housing portfolio: 

  • Expand from 1,340 to 2,000 units by 2026; and 
  • Continue focusing on resident at lowest income spectrum (i.e., individuals and families at 0% to 30% of FMI) and explore how future portfolio may reflect a broader mix of resident incomes, including those making up to 80% of FMI, and families that have progressed through our Accelerated Housing Program, SOME’s pathway to home ownership; and 
  • Expand our portfolio of affordable properties in Wards that the Mayor has prioritized for affordable development, including wards 3, 4, and 5.

We want to recognize the extraordinary help we have received from the City, the Mayor, the City Council, the Federal Government, our governing and advisory boards, donors, funders, investors, and lenders that have made it possible to open or be developing the following properties throughout the District (hyperlink to the Housing Mapping Document).

While SOME prides itself on creating safe and dignified housing, we know that a stable roof over one’s head is only the beginning. That is why all our housing programs incorporate comprehensive wrap-around services for our residents. . It is our hope that this combination of housing and services will provide greater pathways to economic advancement, personal growth, and a chance at a better life.


The Conway Center

SOME’s Conway Center, at 4430 Benning Road NE, is our most innovative project dedicated to creating opportunities and pathways to success for our community. The Conway Center, located directly across from the Benning Road Metro Station, is in the heart of the Benning Heights neighborhood and is the first facility in the District to combine affordable housing, job training, and healthcare in a single location.

The seven-story LEED-certified building features 30 units of Affordable Housing for families and 152 units for single adults, including 16 units designated for seniors; Job Training for 300 low-income job seekers, annually, at SOME’s Center for Employment Training (SOME CET); and Healthcare for 10,000 patients each year through a partnership with Unity Health Care.

We gratefully acknowledge the more than 1,000 donors who gave generously to the $20 million Building Hope Capital Campaign chaired by William Conway, Jr., as well as our other partners, investors, lenders, and volunteers whose support was critical to the development of the Conway Center.

conway center high res