Meeting the Immediate and Long-Term Needs of Individuals, Families and Seniors

Whole Person Care Through Collaborative Case Management

At SOME, we practice Whole Person Care. Many of our clients first come to us with basic needs—a meal, a shower, a toothbrush. After we’ve met those needs and established trust, we begin working with them to develop long-term plans for their health and wellness, employment and housing.

This is called “Case Management.” Our approach to case management is professional, collaborative and compassionate. We advocate for our clients’ needs, both immediate and long-term. We help them obtain DC identification, apply for Medicaid or insurance and assist them with legal issues.

Social services

If you or someone you know needs care today, SOME can help.

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Providing DC’s Seniors with the Services and Housing They Need to Thrive

We provide permanent, affordable housing for seniors, including emergency housing for seniors who have been abused and neglected. We house 43 older adults in Keuhner House, in Ward 8. We also opened Karin House in December of 2021, which provides 40 seniors with newly renovated apartments on the historic Walter Reed campus.

In addition to our senior housing programs, we also equip DC’s most underserved seniors with the food, nutritional supplements, medical and safety equipment they need to remain in their homes, with independence and dignity.