SOME SUD Graduation Back In-Person in 2022, Celebrates 28 Graduates

April 2022 Substance Use Disorder Graduating Class

28 SUD graduates were celebrated during the April 2022 event.

This past April, SOME held its first fully in-person Substance Use Disorder (SUD) program graduation since the pandemic began in early 2020. During the ceremony, 28 graduates were celebrated for completing SOME’s comprehensive addiction treatment program. The event included graduate remarks from clients, words of encouragement from SOME’s president, and a warm welcome from the Reverend of the church.

SOME offers comprehensive treatment options that empower adults to break the bonds of addiction, reunite with their families, and rejoin their communities. In alignment with SOME’s mission of helping people find long-term stability and success, SOME’s treatment options focus on whole-person care and meeting clients where they are at in their journey.

Graduation from SOME’s SUD program is no small feat, and the average length of the SUD continuum is 9-12 months. Most clients are referred by DBH (Department of Behavior Health) or other provider agencies in DC. The first step of the program is an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), then a residential treatment program, and finally transitioning into housing/outpatient services. Many clients move into SOME housing after completion of the program. Graduation is an incredible accomplishment, and every spring/fall SOME is pleased to celebrate its wonderful clients.

“We’re thrilled to be able to once again host this wonderful event. It was such a gift for clients, staff, families, and friends, to be able to be face to face for the occasion,” shared Jason Ginevan, SOME’s Vice President for Addictions Treatment, “A special thanks to Fr. John Adams, President and CEO Ralph Boyd, and Executive Vice President, Troy Swanda, for their participation and continued support.”

Ralph Boyd, SOME President and CEO, gives remarks at the April 2022 SUD graduation event.

“Congratulations to our graduates who are about to become SOME alumni. This is among one of the greatest privileges, honors, and pleasures, to celebrate with graduates and their friends and families,” said President and CEO Ralph Boyd, “To get to this point was increasingly difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic, but you all stayed the course and kept going, we’re so grateful and proud of you for that.”

If you know someone interested in the SUD program or would like more information, click here!