SOME Seniors Enjoy Day of Pampering

Thanks to the unwavering support of long-time volunteer Mary Price Detherage, the seniors at SOME’s Karin House recently experienced a day unlike any other—a day filled with pampering, care, and reminders of their invaluable worth in this world.

Our cherished ladies at Karin House were treated to an array of pampering services, a gesture made possible by the generous donations from our compassionate community. The day was designed to offer relaxation and joy, providing services that touched the hearts of many. From soothing hand massages that eased the worries of the world away to elegant manicures adding a splash of color and confidence to their days. The experience didn’t stop there; relaxing back massages, the sweet aroma of roses, the decadent taste of chocolates, and heartwarming goodie bags filled with surprises brought smiles and warmth to our seniors.

As we reflect on this beautiful day of pampering, we’re reminded of the deeper mission of SOME — to restore hope and dignity, one smile at a time. The joy and gratitude seen in the eyes of our ladies at Karin House are a powerful reminder of the impact we can make through small acts of kindness. These experiences not only bring joy to those we serve but also reinforce the fabric of our community, woven together by love, support, and mutual respect.

We are immensely grateful to Mary Price Detherage, our community donors, and everyone who played a part in making this day a reality. Let’s continue to support and uplift our seniors, reminding them of their preciousness and the significant place they hold in our world. Together, we can uphold the mission of SOME, creating a ripple effect of hope and dignity that touches every life we encounter.