SOME Center for Employment Training Shifts to Online Learning in Response to COVID-19

What changes is the Center for Employment Training (CET) making during COVID-19?

SOME CET LogoAmidst COVID-19, SOME’s Center for Employment Training program is making changes to keep their students engaged and on the right path to graduate on time while attempting to flatten the curve of infection. Even though CET has temporarily closed its doors and cannot hold classes in person, they are proceeding with online classes.

The online approach to learning is gaining popularity with the  Center for Employment Training students—50% of all currently enrolled students in SOME’s CET program are participating in virtual learning.

CET is using technology to keep classes running, finding opportunities amidst the chaos. Students were able to take CET-provided computer home with them and have been using a student portal that grants them remote access to their classwork. The portal functions as a cloud where all of their work is saved and they can access assignments.

Since 2019, all SOME CET students have engaged in blending learning using a combination of computer-based curricula and face-to-face instruction. Because of this, they have already been introduced to the benefits of online learning and feel comfortable making the temporary transition to an online format.

“Online learning requires self-discipline, better time management, and self-motivation,” says Shakitha Leavy, Community Engagement Manager. “Our self-paced, competency-based curriculum requires students to set learning goals and has prepared them for this work.”

 We attribute CET’s success thus far with online learning to both the fact that students used these programs while working on SOME’s physical site and to the fact that instructors are continuing to keep in touch with their students, troubleshooting technical problems, answering questions, and encouraging participation.

Because employees in Healthcare and Maintenance are typically essential employees, these positions are less likely to be impacted by changes in the economy. Representatives from DC Human Resources and other employers have reached out to SOME CET about job openings because many essential positions in logistics have opened as a result.

Thank you to our staff for their support, and great job to our CET students for their hard work amidst the pandemic! Follow updates from the DC Mayor’s office at