Helping DC Residents Achieve Long-Term Success through Case Management Services

Helping DC Residents Achieve Long-Term Success through Case Management Services 

SOME offers case management services to help improve the lives of DC residents. In this blog post, we will cover what our services entail, why it’s important, and why we believe in this method of care.

What is Case Management?
Case management (photo left, Titilayo, Case Manager at SOME) is a process that involves coordinating and managing services and resources to help individuals or groups achieve their goals. It involves the identification of needs, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of services. 

At SOME, we provide case management to help residents in SOME’s properties and local community members with the following services: 

  • Access to Medicaid 
  • Food stamps  
  • Metro cards (for seniors) 
  • Proof of residency vouchers  
  • Prescription Order Forms (for medication) 
  • Food and clothing (visit our Get Help page for more info) 

Watch this short video to see how one of SOME’s case managers (picture left) is helping assist DC residents. 

Why is Case Management Important?
Case management is essential because it ensures that individuals receive the appropriate services and resources needed to achieve their goals. It helps to reduce duplication of services, enhances communication and collaboration among service providers, and promotes efficient