DC Mother Finds Independence Through SOME’s Services and Programs

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Shanala McCommons, SOME CET Graduate

Shalana McCommons always strives to do her best, no matter what.

That’s why, when she found herself homeless with three kids, she was determined to provide for her children the best way she could, including getting her older two sons (aged 16 and 17), through high school. Even if that meant that they had to live apart.

“Being homeless was horrible. We had to split up because there weren’t too many places willing to take an adult and 3 children. I kept my youngest with me.”

In 2010, Ms. McCommons heard about an orientation for people who were seeking transitional housing that was going to be held at SOME’s Thea Bowman House. It was just the opportunity she was looking for, so she attended the event and submitted an application.

In 2011, after a year of waiting for an available unit, Ms. McCommons was accepted to Thea Bowman House, and she was ready to hit the ground running. She became an active participant in SOME’s on-site supportive services for residents, including financial literacy classes and family services. Ms. McCommons also enrolled in SOME’s Center for Employment Training, and upon graduating from CET, she was hired by SOME for a full-time administrative position at their O Street Headquarters.

This holiday season, Ms. McCommons is proud to celebrate her accomplishments with her three children at their home in the Thea Bowman House. She says that “SOME has my back and gives me the push I need to help me go where I want to go … It’s been a journey and I’ve loved every minute of it.”