Celebrating Student Success: Zoom 2020 Graduation Party

Ralph Boyd 2020 Zoom Graduation Party Education SuccessAmidst COVID-19 and a major fight against racial injustices, SOME family housing residents and staff took an hour out of their day to celebrate the graduating class of 2020.

The virtual SOME graduation party, held over Zoom, honored students from all age levels (kindergarten to high school).

The graduates were awarded gift cards and enjoyed a virtual dance party. The festivities also included commencement speeches from SOME employees. Below are a few excerpts:


“Congratulations! Your preparation has set you up to be leaders in our community. This is not an end but a beginning.” —Ralph Boyd, President and CEO


“Don’t let everything going on [COVID-19] diminish your big accomplishment.” —Troy Swanda, Chief Operating Officer


“Education is the new currency and you all will see many doors open for you. We are very, very, proud.” —Rachel Nicholas, Chief Program Officer, Family Housing


Troy Swanda 2020 Zoom Graduation Party Education SuccessThe Hawaiian-themed virtual party was a fun way to recognize our 25 graduates for their accomplishments.

Not only is graduating a huge milestone but there were a couple of SOME students who finished at the top of their respective classes!

Graduation looked a lot different for the class of 2020 than we all expected and we hope the celebration was a special moment for our kids.