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Restoring hope and dignity one person at a time.

SOME has served the District's poor and homeless residents for 45 years.

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Dining Room

Provide a Meal in SOME’s Dining Rooms

How is SOME able to serve over 1,000 meals each day? With the support of Provide-A-Meal groups that purchase or prepare the food needed to provide a nourishing breakfast or lunch. Are you interested in helping in this way?
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You Can Save a Life in Extreme Weather!

If you see a homeless person who is inadequately protected on a freezing day, please call DC’s Hypothermia Hotline: 1-800-535-7252. Please be prepared to provide the address and a description of the person’s clothing.
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Building Hope Capital Campaign

SOME is creating a 320,000 square foot green building where poor and homeless Washingtonians can access affordable housing, job training and health care.  It will be the first facility in the District to combine these services in a single location.
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Success Stories


“I found 60 O Street – Behavioral Health Services. And within a matter of hours, I went from homeless to having a place to stay. You literally, literally, saved my life.”

Read more about Scott and others who benefited from SOME’s services