Washington Home Foundation’s Senior Wellness Initiative​

SOME is honored to share that we have received a grant from The Washington Home to continue our efforts to improve the lives of seniors in Washington, DC. In partnership over the next year, SOME and The Washington Home will reduce social isolation experienced by over 160 low-income seniors in DC through the “Senior Wellness Initiative,” which involves the relaunch of SOME’s Senior Summer Camp program and renovation of our Ward 8 Senior Center. Specifically, SOME will be able to provide 60 seniors with the opportunity to enjoy a safe and healthy environment, away from the stresses of their daily lives, through participating in a 2-night wellness retreat at a nearby beach. Further, SOME will be able to renovate our Senior Center in Ward 8 to provide a warmer, more comfortable, and inviting space for over 100 seniors to socialize as well as focus on their health and wellness.

The “Senior Wellness Initiative” will build on SOME’s successful 2022 partnership with The Washington Home. Together over the past year, we have been able to address the unique transportation needs of over 300 seniors experiencing homelessness and/or poverty through purchasing an ADA-accessible van. This van has thus far enabled SOME to support seniors with: COVID/flu vaccination and testing efforts; increased access to healthcare services; deliveries of essential supplies such as nutritional supplements and medication; community excursions (e.g., trips to the National Museum of African American history and DC Botanical Gardens); and trips to grocery stores, pharmacies, and retailers as needed.

SOME is deeply appreciative of The Washington Home’s continued generosity and dedication to our work to improve the lives of seniors in need. For more information about SOME’s Senior Services program, please click here.