SOME’s Family Services Back to School Cookout a Success!

SOME’s yearly family services cookout was the perfect way to send families back to school this fall. Every year, families from SOME’s housing units gather for a final summer celebration before kids go back to school in late August. It includes music, family games, fresh grilled food, and beautiful weather! Over 250 backpacks have been donated, and $21,637.13 has been raised to support SOME’s family services. To support SOME’s family services campaign, click the link here!

The impact of SOME’s back-to-school cookout goes beyond the numbers. The event has become a tradition in the community, symbolizing unity, support, and a shared commitment to education.

The day was filled with joy and laughter as children ran from one activity to another. The face painting station was a huge hit, with children lining up to have their faces adorned with colorful designs, ranging from butterflies and pirates to superheroes and princesses. Nearby, the bubble station was equally popular. Kids of all ages were enchanted by the magic of bubbles, their eyes widening with delight as they chased and popped the iridescent spheres floating through the air. Families gathered around picnic tables, enjoying the freshly grilled food and the variety of tasty treats.

SOME’s back-to-school cookout is more than an event; it’s a celebration of community, childhood, and the importance of coming together. It’s a statement that in our community, we cherish our children, we value education, and we support one another. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to send our SOME families back to school this August on a high note.