SOME President and CEO Ralph Boyd Named to Rental Housing Strike Force

Ralph Boyd HeadshotSOME president and CEO Ralph Boyd was recently named as an addition to the Rental Housing Strike Force.

This past week, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the issuance of Mayor’s Order 2020-129 to establish the “Saving DC’s Rental Housing Market Strike Force,” a new advisory group that will examine the District’s preparedness to anticipate changes to the city’s affordable and market-rate rental housing market.

 The Strike Force will serve as an advisory group to address actions by or with the District government to address the current challenges and the post-pandemic future of DC’s rental housing market—affordable, market-rate, and naturally-occurring affordable units.

 The Strike Force announcement complements the work of the District’s Economic Recovery Team (DERT) to proactively plan, strategize, and coordinate the economic recovery from the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Further, it follows efforts already underway to support rental housing with programs to provide rent assistance to both tenants and housing providers as well as protections to prevent evictions.

Other appointees of the strike force include Council Members, Housing and Economic Development Membership Organization Representatives, and Financial Services Industry Representatives.

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