The SOME Man Cave! Men’s Health Awareness Month 2021

ManCaveChabraja1June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Men’s Health Awareness Month aims to encourage boys and men to take charge of their overall health by implementing healthy living decisions (Dept. Health & Human Services).

The SOME Man Cave event was created in 2019 and is one of the ways the Single Adult Housing Health & Wellness Team commemorates Men’s Health Month.

We provide a safe and comfortable space for the men to come and discuss all things health. Many men are actively engaged in their health and so we want to reward them. We offer food, play a health-focused documentary, provide prizes, and offer health screenings.


This year, in particular, the men enjoyed the documentary that was shown. The title of the film was, Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth. It featured Common, The Game, Quincy Jones, and other hip-hop artists. There is an inaccurate stigma that men are not concerned about their health. In the movie, they discuss the dramatic changes they made in their lives to improve their health.


We were also able to offer free 15-minute chair massages, which were provided by Zahreh, from Realm Relaxation. We also try to offer free haircuts by partnering with local barbers. This year was special because a resident was able to assist us when our barber was not able to make it.

Thank you to our SOME health and wellness team in single adult housing for making this possible. The Health and Wellness Team consists of Sierra (Wellness Program Manager), Joyce (Health and Wellness Coordinator), and Naima (Health & Wellness Intern).