SOME Housing Prepares High School Student for College

Stepping into their new home at Fendall Heights, Rogers Sr. and Rogers Jr. were greeted with warmth and support. The walls of their apartment provided more than just shelter; they created a safe haven where dreams could flourish. No longer burdened by the constant fear of instability, Rogers Sr. and Rogers Jr. were free to focus on their education and overall development. It was a fresh start, a clean slate filled with endless possibilities.

SOME’s affordable housing program offered more than just a roof over their heads. Rogers Jr., eager to excel academically, immersed himself in the after-school programs provided by SOME. With dedicated staff members by his side, he found the support and guidance he needed to improve his study habits and elevate his grades. Homework assistance and engaging community activities became the stepping stones towards his educational success. The programs offered by SOME not only nurtured his mind but also fostered his mental and social development, shaping him into a well-rounded individual.

With every passing year, Rogers Sr. witnessed the remarkable transformation in his son’s academic performance. Rogers Jr., once an average student, blossomed into an above-average achiever. His dedication and hard work paid off, earning him several merit scholarships and grant awards. As the day approached for him to step into his college journey, the impact of SOME’s support became undeniable. The affordable housing program had not only provided them with stability but had paved the way for a brighter future. Rogers Jr. will be attending Frostburg State, class of 2027.

Life often throws unexpected challenges our way, and Rogers Sr.’s journey was no exception. In February 2021, he faced two massive strokes and a heart attack, leaving him unable to navigate the road to recovery alone. In this time of crisis, his family and the SOME team at Fendall Heights stepped in with unwavering support. They worked tirelessly to coordinate his safe return home and ensure his housing and service needs were met. The collaborative efforts of SOME became instrumental in his miraculous recovery, providing the support and resources he needed to regain his strength.

The story of Rogers Sr. and his son serves as a testament to the transformative power of SOME’s affordable housing program. Through stability, support, and a nurturing community, they were able to overcome adversity and achieve remarkable educational success. Their journey reminds us of the immense impact that affordable housing can have on the lives of families facing homelessness. With determination and the right support system, individuals like Rogers Sr. and Rogers Jr. can triumph over challenges and embrace a future filled with hope and possibility.