SOME Hosts Annual Meeting: Unveils New Logo

On Tuesday, September 13th, SOME held its annual meeting for all SOME staff. The meeting consisted of many exciting speakers from around the organization gathered to speak about the accomplishments and big wins SOME has achieved so far in 2022, and an update on the successes of the new strategic plan. The keynote speaker this year was Miki King (below), President of Arc XP, the industry-leading, a cloud-based digital experience platform, and a division of The Washington Post. Miki came on stage after President and CEO Ralph Boyd, vividly explained the direction SOME would be headed through 2025. There were also inspiring success stories from former SOME clients and raffles and giveaways to award staff for a phenomenal first half of the year.

One of the highlights of the annual meeting was SOME unveiling a redesigned logo. As you see below, the circular shape of the symbol represents caring for the whole person and many facets of the SOME organization. The interlocking hands suggest working together to create lasting change and helping one another. Along with the logo, SOME has also gone live with an updated website to make sure that SOME always offers web users the most efficient and up-to-date resources when browsing our different programs and making donations.

While SOME has undergone a few branding changes our mission to end poverty and homelessness remains the same. We are always on a mission to service more people and do it at an extremely high level. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you watch the new brand refresh and future goals video.

SOME Leadership Video