SOME and Capital One Work Together to Improve Long-Term Financial Outcomes

SOME is excited to kick off our 8th year of partnership with Capital One. Thanks to their generous grant, SOME will deliver a financial security program to 230 residents that is trauma informed, resident centric, and tailored to meet the full range of unique financial needs of affordable housing residents with an emphasis on building savings, reducing debt, and money management. To accomplish these objectives for residents, SOME will convene tailored workshops, host a Financial Wellness Fair, and connect residents to SOME’s Accelerated Housing curricula which is designed to help prepare residents for home ownership. Our exciting initiative with Capital One will better support low-income affordable housing residents, such as addressing money mindsets and experience with intergenerational poverty, so that we can help them to achieve financial security. Together with Capital One, SOME will work over the next year to transform the lives of these families, fostering a sense of empowerment, resilience, and hope for a brighter financial future.