Planning an Internal or External Special Event at SOME

Special Events FAQs

These FAQs should answer all special event related questions, and ensure that all aspects of your event are addressed and accounted for. If you have any questions, please email

Email for any questions, comments, or feedback.

SOME defines a Special Event as any event, activity, program, or dedicated time outside of a team/departments’ “normal” business operations, programs, or day-to-day activities. These events generally last from a few hours to, in rare circumstances a few days, and are designed to market, advertise, promote, sell, honor, celebrate, discuss, or engage SOME, our guests, clients, team members, and/or donors. An event may be social, entertainment-based, business-related, fundraising focused, and/or celebratory in nature, and often combines multiple of these goals.

Example of a Special Event: SOME’s Annual Gala, Staff Conference, building opening or dedication

Example of an event that is NOT a Special Event: Monthly team meeting, training off-site, birthday party

Any event, large gathering, or dedicated time that is marketed externally to members of the community and is outside of your team’s normal operations should be submitted.

While not an exhaustive list, this includes, but is not limited to, building openings, dedications, fundraising events, donor/client/staff large gatherings, major employee appreciation events, memorials, ribbon cuttings, new initiative launches, and more.

As a rule of thumb, if you would want to invite a member of the media, the Mayor, or SOME’s CEO to your event, you likely should submit this form.

You do NOT need to submit this form for small celebrations such as birthday gatherings or work anniversaries, team meetings, scheduled trainings, or for team-based business events (e.g., team outing or offsite activity). Additionally, community programming, service events, guest activities, etc. that are normally scheduled within your program or department do not need to be submitted.

If you have any questions, just ask us!

Please submit this form AT LEAST 6 weeks before your first proposed date of the Special Event.

The Special Events Team is here to help and assist you plan the most successful event possible. Our team has significant event planning experience and training to ensure that SOME, our brand and image, and our events continue to exceed expectations and forward our mission.

By completing this form you are simply informing our team that you’d like to host an event; we are here to SUPPORT YOU and ensure you have a cohesive set of materials, support, branded items/swag/backdrops, marketing, ability to bring in potential corporate partners, the community, and media where appropriate.

We also would like to have a more exhaustive list of all internal and external SOME events to ensure that there are no date or time conflicts.

It is not the goal of the Special Events team to decide whether to host an event. Rather, we want to provide resources and templates, ensure you have adequate budget and materials, and can assist in promoting, growing, and executing your event as appropriate.

In rare circumstances, we may suggest an alternative date, style of event, or ask for clarification should a conflict or timing issue arise.

We ask that you submit this form as soon as you begin to believe a Special Event may be planned. It is preferable that you submit an idea or an event that has not been fully fleshed-out or may not ultimately occur well in advance, rather than submitting this form once the event date is planned and nears.

Most importantly, do NOT publicly share any dates, details, fliers, materials, etc. until you have been in touch with the Special Events Team!

Should additional requests become necessary in planning your event (e.g., event flier, social media graphics, etc.) the Special Events Team will guide you on next steps.

We ask that you submit all requests AT LEAST 6 weeks in advance of your proposed event date.

Special Events are usually associated with a cost, whether in marketing materials or swag, giveaways, entertainment costs, audio-visual needs, and more. We simply would like to know if you have a set amount budgeted for items that may arise. We will discuss opportunities to reducing or minimizing costs, or utilizing free, discounted or donated items when available and appropriate.

Yes, please. Even if the event is regularly scheduled each year, if it considered a Special Event is should be submitted as soon as possible via this form to ensure it is on the general calendar and appropriate planning and support can be provided.

Please email for assistance or questions. You should expect a response within 2 business days. If there is an immediate concern or further help needed, please contact Brett Curtis, Vice President of Special Events, at 202-599-4626 or