Outreach and Education with Saint John’s College High School

SOME (So Others Might Eat) is thrilled to announce the success of a recent pilot program in partnership with Saint John’s College High School. The program was designed to combine social justice reflection with a volunteer service day, with the goal of raising awareness and providing concrete action steps for students to support SOME’s mission and activities.

While the program was initially met with skepticism by some students and advisors who believed it to be just another lecture on poverty and caring for others, the reflection led to an awareness and deeper understanding of the many issues occurring within their view. More importantly, the students were provided with concrete action steps they could take to support SOME’s organization and mission.

Colby Mullen’s presentation about his pathway from high school to individual philanthropy received the most questions from the students, who wanted to know more about cultivating donor relationships and seeking sustainable financial support. Megan Fragola’s exercise and Indian-styled sit-down chat provided a safe space for students to express their vulnerabilities and introduced another level of awareness about privilege.

The success of the program has prompted Saint John’s College High School to actively move toward expanding it to a larger student body mandate. During the program, students challenged other private high schools in Washington DC to match their efforts and have made a commitment to sponsor the St. John’s team for the turkey trot, with possible entertainment following.

The program also resulted in a $400 donation from the school toward SOME’s efforts, and the principal was presented with grocery gift cards to provide to any family of a student or teacher experiencing food insecurity.

SOME is proud of the success of the pilot program and the impact it has had on the students and their commitment to making a positive change in the community. The organization looks forward to continuing this partnership with Saint John’s College High School and inspiring the next generation of leaders to make a difference.