Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation: A Cornerstone of Support for SOME’s Health Services

SOME is proud to spotlight our esteemed grant partner of four years, Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation, whose unwavering support has been pivotal in enabling us to deliver high-quality dental and medical services to individuals facing homelessness and poverty in Washington, DC. Together with other distinguished partners, the Foundation’s generosity has facilitated a remarkable 11,382 patient visits at our medical and dental clinics over the past year alone.

These visits encompassed a comprehensive range of services, including adult primary care, lab work, immunizations, well woman exams, chronic disease management, psychiatric care, HIV and hepatitis screening, diabetes education, preventative services, emergency treatment, basic dental care, root canals, fillings, extractions, and dentures. 2024 marks another significant milestone as Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation has graciously renewed their grant funding this year, reaffirming their commitment to sustaining SOME’s medical and dental services as well as helping us to realize our mission.

This support is propelling SOME into the next phase of our Strategic Plan. As we embark on phase three of SOME’s Strategic Plan, the Foundation’s continued commitment will play a crucial role in promoting purposeful growth within our medical and dental clinics, ensuring that our facilities effectively meet the evolving needs of our expanding clientele, and providing seamless access to a comprehensive suite of programs that address the full spectrum of our patients’ requirements. With Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation’s ongoing support, we look forward to advancing our shared goal of fostering healthier communities and brighter futures for all.