Lashawn Enrolls in SOME’s Employment Training to Advocate for Her Son’s Health

Lashawn Love at the Center for Employment Training

Lashawn Love was residing in Ward 8, when her son became ill. She did not have knowledge about the healthcare field, and wanted to be able to support her son while he went through his health journey. This prompted Lashawn to find a training program to gain the healthcare knowledge she needed. Luckily, Lashawn learned about SOME’s Center for Employment Training (CET) and its Medical Administrative Program.   

LaShawn was amazed that someone with no previous healthcare knowledge or formal health education could enroll in the program and earn a certification in less than six months. Prior to enrolling at CET, she had held some previous career and survival jobs, but this specific program provided the tools she needed to administer hands-on care to patients in medical offices and hospitals.     

Not only would she quickly learn the skills she needed to help her advocate for her son, but she would eventually gain employment at SOME, too. Through perseverance, prayer, and her support group, she made it full circle from Employment Trainee to Senior Administrative Assistant at the Conway Center. The most beneficial lesson she learned at CET was, “Never give up no matter what you face.” 

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