Volunteer Dress Code

Volunteers and Provide-A-Meal groups are requested to arrive dressed appropriately for the work that they will be performing. This dress code has been developed with the safety of volunteers in mind, following work place safety standards are designed to respect our clients. Please adhere to this code to insure that you will be able to fully take part during your day of service. Volunteers arriving dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to take part unless suitable accommodations can be made.

  • Volunteers must wear flat, closed-toed shoes. Please do not wear shoes with heels more than half an inch.
  • Volunteers should not wear revealing or tight-fitting clothing. Do not wear tank tops, sleeveless or low-cut shirts, short-shorts or tight pants (including yoga pants, leggings, or tights).
  • Acceptable clothing includes shirts that cover the stomach, and upper arms and chest, shorts that come within three¬†inches of the knees, and long pants.
  • A hat or hairnet is required for volunteers handling food. Hats may be brought from home (we suggest baseball caps) Please do not wear large or dress hats. Hairnets or hats can be provided by SOME.
  • Disposable gloves are required for volunteers handling food and will be provided by SOME.
  • No one with fingernails that extend more than one inch beyond their fingertip can handle or serve food.
  • All food handlers will be asked to remove bracelets, watches, rings, etc. unless they must be worn for special circumstances.

If you find that you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at 202.797.8806 ext. 2201 or [email protected]. We will be happy to discuss this and to insure that you have an enjoyable experience at SOME.

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