Julia Moran Morton

She now leads the Housing Development team at SOME in the planning and development of SOME’s affordable housing projects from concept to completion. Her portfolio includes multi-family new construction projects; substantial rehabilitation of multi-family properties; and commercial development with District and Federal funding sources (including LIHTC, HPTF, Sec 221d3, HUD 202/811, CDBG, HOME, Sec 8, LRSP, PSH). Julia has been involved in DC housing and community development for over 25 years, serving on the board of several area nonprofit housing groups including as Vice President of the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development, UU Affordable Housing, and All Souls Housing Corporation. She has led housing development efforts with both for-profit, military, and nonprofit organizations developing thousands of residential units. She holds a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology from Connecticut College and a M.A. from Columbia University School of Architecture & Urban Planning with a concentration in Housing & Real Estate Development. Her thesis examined the ramifications of inequitable policies and practices that led to the concentration of poverty and racial segregation and examined solutions to reverse their endemic effects.