Volunteer Spotlight: Tasya A.

February 24, 2016


Tasya A., a SOME volunteer since 1990, is one of the many dedicated volunteers and supporters who make SOME’s mission possible. She shared her reasons for volunteering, and what keeps her coming back to help the homeless at SOME.

My compassion comes from a very young age. I grew up in a single parent home. There were many times when the food was short and maybe the utilities not paid, but we never went hungry. Our mother never wavered. Her love and hardworking ethics and faith showered our home.

We never knew the drastic struggle she went through to provide for us. We thought our lives were great, in a home full of love. I know now, when Mom would hand money to a person on the streets, or provide a sandwich to a homeless person, that she was giving from faith that our God would provide.

She was taking from what little she had for us at home and shared it with the strangers, as if we were rich, maybe not in monetary means but we were rich with that love and compassion to help others. With just pure love and enjoyment of seeing someone eat that day. So as I look back and hold on to those memories, I knew from seeing, feeling it, and embracing that one day this [helping others] would be passionate spot in my life.

It’s been so long that I can’t quite remember when SOME found its way into my life. I’m often on the Saturday morning 6:15am morning shift and most holidays. I do it from the heart, not for show or recognition. That’s why I’ve been a part of this for over 25 years – the JOY of fullness of GRATITUDE.

At the end of a volunteer shift I feel honored, peaceful in mind, humbled in my spirit and blessed in my heart, and am always mindful in my daily life to never turn my back on anyone because the unthinkable can happen when we least expect it.