Volunteer Spotlight: James Williams

October 16, 2017

James Williams began volunteering at SOME in 1989 while a staffer for Congressman Mickey Leland, who was Chairman of the Select Committee on Hunger. After his initial introduction to SOME by the Congressman, James, a native Washingtonian, volunteered in our Dining Room every other weekday during his lunch.

Sadly, Mickey Leland and several of his staff members were killed in a plane crash while on a mission to alleviate hunger in Ethiopia in August of 1989. Every year since, James volunteers on August 7th, the day the plane went missing, and August 14th, the day the plane was found, to honor his colleagues’ memory.

“I get more out of volunteering than the people I help,” says James.


Recently, James decided to celebrate his marriage by giving back; seventeen of his friends and family joined him for a unique bachelor party–volunteering to serve breakfast at SOME.

“I started at SOME when I was 28,” says James. “I remember when SOME was a small organization. It’s wonderful to see it grow into the all-encompassing organization it is now.”

SOME thanks James for his 28 years of service!