Advocacy Testimony: Enhancing D.C.'s Public Health System For Persons Receiving or Seeking Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Treatment

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On February 7, 2022, Betty Gentle, SOME's Senior Advocacy & Community Engagement Specialist submitted written testimony to the D.C. Council Committee on Health for the Department of Behavioral Health FY 2021-2022 Performance Oversight Hearing. She and SOME's Behavioral Health Services highlighted several ways that DBH can better support the provider network, thus enhancing D.C.'s public health system for persons receiving or seeking mental health and/or substance abuse treatment. These include: (1) immediately increasing the low reimbursement rates for providers so that providers can stably operate and provide whole-person care; (2) helping combat the workforce shortage by thinking innovatively and collaboratively, such as by advocating for supervised practice of new graduates; and (3) working to lessen the administrative burdens on providers.

To read the full testimony, click here.