Teawna and Aniyah’s Story

June 23, 2016


A veteran of the Army, Teawna served our country proudly and faithfully. However, despite her best efforts, with employment sporadic, homelessness became a reality. Teawna and her five-month-old daughter, Aniyah, found themselves homeless. A VA social worker reached out to her and put her in touch with SOME.

In a desire to stabilize her life and Aniyah’s, Teawna began the process of applying for housing in SOME’s affordable housing program for veterans, Fendall Heights. By this time, Teawna was struggling with significant depression, but with the support of the Fendall Heights staff, she was able to secure an apartment for herself and her daughter.

With a stable place to live, Teawna completed a job training program and is now fully employed at a job with benefits. Her goal is to eventually get a house of her own. Aniyah is in a day care program while mom works, and participates in the SOME Place for Kids children’s program at Fendall.

The change in Teawna and Aniyah is remarkable, and it is thanks to you. Your support makes it possible for us to provide safe, affordable housing that enables kids and families to become healthy and whole.