SOME Staff Awards

May 11, 2017


Online-Size-4-246x300.jpgEvery quarter SOME recognizes two staff members and one program who have exemplified SOME’s mission with an Employee or Program Award. All of these awards lead up to our Annual Staff Meeting where one employee is voted the 2016 Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to Patrick Walsh, SOME’s 2016 Employee of the year! Patrick was recognized for going above and beyond to help others while treating them with dignity and respect. Patrick led a first-of-its-kind project to provide new furnishings, paint and fresh design scheme for Zagami House residents as well as the common spaces in the building. Patrick worked numerous hours on top of his already busy schedule to get this project completed. Patrick continued through the year to work with Facilities Management to completed additional improvement projects. Patrick is known in Family Services as a “go to” team member. He is dependable and positive and always seeking new ways to make improvements. Thank you Patrick for your dedication!

This quarter we celebrated the second round of 2017 Employee and Program Awardees! The winners of this quarter’s awards were Denise Stoney of SOME’s Senior Services, Dirk Keaton of SOME Center for Employment Training and the staff of SOME’s Thea Bowman House.Online-1-300x200.jpg

Denise Stoney, SOME Senior Center, was nominated for her dedication, dependability and ethical performance. Recently Denise had to take on SOME Senior Center’s monthly food delivery program. This program feeds approximately 100 low income seniors by delivering canned goods, fresh produce, cheese and holiday meats. To prepare, Denise made sure all food items were ordered, delivered, manually picked up, sorted and bagged. On Saturdays, Denise showed up early to disburse routes for volunteers and provide technical assistance to deliverers. Because of her unwavering dedication to district seniors, the food delivery program has continued to operate seamlessly and supplied hundreds of groceries to our isolated and elderly population!


Dirk Keaton, SOME Center for Employment Training (CET) was nominated for his commitment to social and economic justice–the foundation of all the work we do here at SOME! This quarter, Dirk was tasked with not only his regular job duties as SOME’s Adult Basic Education Instructor, but also as the project lead on SOME’s largest grants, providing invaluable content. This work demands adherence to strict deadlines and strong organizational skills. We at SOME are truly lucky to have Dirk Keaton.


Thea Bowman House for Women and Children is SOME’s new inpatient substance abuse treatment program where mothers can get help without being separated from their children. Since opening Thea Bowman House, staff successfully certified for two additional and higher levels of care in addition to providing required clinical services. The staff has provided exceptional care for the women in treatment and have ensured the children are connected with day cares,  schools and children’s activities . The families are recovering and thriving and the staff is going strong!  The Thea Bowman team has excelled and have truly earned this recognition.