SOME's Senior Services Volunteers Make A Difference Through SOME

Located in Ward 8, SOME’s Senior Services offers exciting health, wellness, and recreational activities, and connects participants to supportive services. Activities and services include, but are not limited to, fitness classes, health and wellness seminars, senior advocacy workgroups, and community trips (museums, shopping, etc.). SOME’s Senior Services programing is structured to maintain the health and wellbeing of vulnerable seniors in the District, helping them to remain independent in their homes and communities as long as possible, safely, and with dignity. 

During the  pandemic, SOME’s Senior Services’  volunteers have stepped up to aid in completing the increased amount of tasks and challenges. We are so lucky to have volunteers like Thomas Ratliff and KyAnna Cherry, who have been volunteering at SOME for 9 years now. Because of the amazing volunteers and staff, we can keep the program running smoothly.  

Thomas Ratliff volunteers with his wife and partner, KyAnna Cherry. 2019.JPG

They first heard about SOME when they were asking around trying to volunteer somewhere where they could make a difference, and SOME was recommended to them through a friend. 

Thomas explained that he’d heard that SOME was an excellent direct service organization where he could be part of impacting peoples' lives. 

“Ky and I deliver groceries to seniors once a month. In the past, we have acted as friendly visitors, talking to seniors who would like some company. Seniors, like children and the disabled, can be forgotten and even railroaded. Spending time with them, being present for support, can do a lot for them.” 

When asked about what he would say to people thinking about volunteering, he included, "Embrace the experience, and be ready to humble yourself and learn".2012.JPG

COVID-19 changed how senior services operated. Senior Director of Senior Services, Joan Williams, further emphasized this point, by listing all of the services that were altered.

  • SOME provided weekly delivered groceries for any Senior Services resident in need and partnered with DC-based restaurants to provide take-out meals to all residents monthly. This led to increased social interaction and provided an uplifting activity as they got to interact with each other and staff over meals. 
  • SOME offered weekly deliveries of nutritional supplements and incontinence supplies to residents. 

  • SOME Provided tablets to all individuals to utilize for telemedicine appointments and assist in the facilitation of appointments and follow-ups with medication needs. 

  • SOME Offered Zoom programming daily via our senior center keeping our residents and community members engaged reducing isolation. 

For more information on how to join SOME’s senior services program please email Joan Williams at [email protected]