SOME Proud to be Recipient of Inaugural DCTV Grant Capacity Building Grant

DCTV Announces Inaugural Class of Capacity Building Grantees

Washington, DC — August 19, 2019 — DCTV has awarded its first class of grantees as part of it’s newly formed Capacity Building Grant program. The award fosters expanded opportunity for nonprofit organizations to share their stories of community impact through professionally-produced video content that can be shared via social media and website platforms. In addition, grantees receive valuable media education assistance to strengthen their communications capabilities and expand their storytelling capacity.

We’ll be building internal capacity for media production through training and promoting SOME’s work through our media partnership with DCTV.

The grant program, which was designed with input from nonprofit leaders across the District, will enable nonprofits at any budget level to tell quality stories, have vital conversations, and get valuable training. As part of the new Capacity Building Grant program, DCTV will create a new weekly television series, District Life, which will explore the nature of living in Washington, DC and share important conversations and compelling stories with people all over the District. This new show will be a vehicle for distributing powerful stories about the impact that nonprofits are having in their communities.

“At DCTV, we understand the critical role that the nonprofit sector plays in sparking vital conversations that ultimately affect the lives of residents across the District of Columbia,” said Nantz Rickard, President and CEO of DCTV. “We are thrilled to welcome our first class of grantees and we look forward to the quality stories that show how nonprofit organizations are impacting the neighborhoods and communities across the District.”

A full list of grant recipients is available at

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