SOME Center for Employment Training Graduation


Graduation Day

Eighty four excited students took their seats at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church to see all their hours in the classroom come to fruition. It was a day that many of them had been waiting weeks for, graduation day for SOME CET students. 

The SOME Center for Employment Training (SOME CET) is a tuition-free adult workforce training program that prepares adult learners for national, industry-recognized certifications for careers in Healthcare and the Building Trades. BMST (Building Maintenance Service Technician)  & Medical Administrative Assistant Certification (CMAA).

SOME CET empowers people to move themselves out of homelessness and poverty and into living wage careers through hard and soft skills training, adult basic education, and career development.

After completing the six month program, students are placed in externships, which often lead to meaningful careers. The incredible thing about the program is the help and services that are provided along the way, for example, there are career development days where workers in the industry come in and speak, as well as help with students resumes. Even after completion of the CET program students are assigned mentors to help them KEEP their positions, which is often just as important as being offered the position. The energy in the classrooms is electric and it is because we know these students will do great things. The attendance was stellar and was followed by a reception after.

At graduation the attendance was stellar and was followed by a reception after. We were lucky enough to get to hear from keynote speaker, Valarie Ashley who is the Executive director at Southeast Ministry. She explained how important it is that students keep adding to their toolboxes. Every journey and learning experience that we go through offers us a tool that will help in the future. The Opening remarks were given by Emily Price,Chief Program Officer of CET, and the benediction was done by the President of SOME, Father John Adams.


About Southeast Ministry:

SOME CET maintains several strategic partnerships that were specifically formed to provide the extra support and mentorship required to ensure our students’ success.  If students do not meet their minimum requirements for entry on the CASAS assessment (214 in Math and 224 in English; roughly equivalent to the 6th grade levels), they are immediately referred to Southeast Ministry to increase their numeracy and literacy skills through basic skills classes and tutoring. For more than five years, Southeast Ministry has accepted our referrals and works individually with prospective SOME CET trainees to help them make the gains needed in order to quickly and successfully enter SOME CET.  Trainees who require additional support will enroll in full-time bridge courses at Southeast Ministry.  These bridge courses incorporate healthcare and building maintenance concepts, preparing trainees for their industry focused-studies at CET.  Both programs track prospective trainees' progress through shared documents, and after they acquire the needed skills, they are referred to SOME CET for occupational training. 


After today, 84 prepared students will enter the work force and make a huge difference. If it wasn’t for SOME’s donors and staff this would not be possible.