Single Adult Housing Launches Wellness Corners

The wellness corner is an initiative launched in five of our single adult housing properties—Conway, Jeremiah, Shalom, Rev G., and Gasner. The wellness corners provide our tenants with access to health equipment, health information, and technology in one central location. Each corner in equipped with a blood pressure cuff, a scale, health education materials and a tablet.

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Back in February 2020, we hosted a blood pressure clinic for tenants. Many of them expressed that they would like to see an event like that happen more often, so that experience was a driving factor for launching the wellness corners. While we traveled from property to property for the blood pressure clinics, we found that many of the tenants’ blood pressure readings were indicative of hypertension and some of them had not been diagnosed. This initiative is extremely important as it will allow tenants to monitor their own health and start to take the necessary steps to improve their overall well-being.

In the age of COVID-19, we are also excited to equip the wellness corners with tablets, which can be used for tele-health visits. We recognize that tele-health is becoming a norm and we’d like to alleviate some of the barriers for our tenants being able to engage in their health and continue with doctor’s appointments.

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Different food trucks and providers came out to celebrate the wellness corner launch. We’d like to thank all of our partners for teaming up with us to make our wellness corner launch days a success and enjoyable for our tenants (also attached are their instagram names so you can visit their profile!):

Sweet tooth bakery @sweettoothcake (donated cupcakes for Gasner)

Roaming Rooster. @Roamingrooster1 (donated chicken sandwiches for Shalom)

Taco Mixto Truck [email protected] (Offered discounted tacos for Conway)

Unity barber- @unitybarbers (Offered free haircuts for Conway residents)

Massage therapist Zahreh- @realm.the (Offered free 15-minute chair massages at Conway)

Catering Lady V by- @queen_ladyv (Catered jollof rice and chicken at Jeremiah)

 Unity Healthcare – They are on FaceBook and Twitter (Offered blood pressure readings and glucose readings at Conway)

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The Wellness Corner Launch events were jam-packed with fun-filled events like a morning walk, line dancing, cooking demos, free haircuts and chair massages, a food truck, health bingo + trivia, tons of prizes, and health screenings. Tenants across the properties really enjoyed themselves.