Scenes from Snowzilla

January 26, 2016

gasner-small.jpgDedicated staff and volunteers ensured that SOME’s programs remained up and running through the Snowzilla blizzard, from our Dining Rooms for the Homeless to our residential programs. Here are some photos taken around SOME during the blizzard and its aftermath.

Just after 6:00 am on Saturday, a staff member was already hard at work clearing the walkways at Gasner House, one of SOME’s affordable housing programs for single adults.

Around that time, Chef Laval opened SOME’s Dining Rooms and began preparing a hearty breakfast for the bundled guests arriving on foot. After breakfast, Laval, his colleagues and dedicated volunteers prepared and served a hot, nourishing lunch.

small-laval2.jpgA break in the weather the next day brought guests to our Dining Rooms seeking warmthand food.

After serving up a big breakfast, staff prepared a hearty, homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch that earned rave reviews from guests.

Across town, the staff at Bedford Falls, one of SOME’s affordable housing programs for single adults, was hard at work getting the sidewalks clear.

Thank you to our wonderful staff and volunteers for your dedication and service!