Recent Happenings at SOME – July

August 22, 2017

SOME runs 38 programs and there is always a lot going on! Here are some recent events in our programs from July.


Resized-200x300.jpgSenior Summer Camp

Over 100 seniors attended SOME’s Senior Summer Camp this year. This annual event was established in 1980 to offer a week-long respite for low-income seniors. For many of our seniors, summer camp is the first vacation they’ve ever taken. Camp takes place in scenic West Virginia and activities include bingo, arts & crafts, nature walks & tours of the grounds, and more, as well as time for rest & relaxation. The favorite part for many of our seniors? The food! 


School Uniform and Backpack CampaignBack-to-School-2-300x225.jpg

For many students, shopping for school supplies and getting your school uniform is an exciting time, but for the families living in SOME’s affordable housing it can be difficult to afford all the items needed. But with the help of generous friends like you, SOME kids are ready to go back to school with confidence and all the supplies they need. Generous volunteers and donors put together 167 backpacks with notebooks, pens, folders, crayons, rulers and more for each student and families attended a back to school drive to pick out their backpacks and supplies. Our back to school Uniform Drive ensured every child had the proper uniform for school. Thank you for making both drives such a success!

UWNCA_Nechama-Speaking-2017-300x225.jpgUnited Way Community Meeting

On July 12th, our Senior Advocacy Advisor, Nechama Masliansky, participated in the United Way of National Capital Area Annual Community Meeting. Representatives of 8 organizations and over 100 participants spent the day in advocacy sessions, round-table discussions and listening to speakers.  This year’s theme to the community meeting was helping direct service organizations to enhance their own capacity to support and/or do advocacy. It was an engaged group of people, full of awareness and knowledge of their communities strengths and weaknesses. All of the organizations were interesting in learning about how to use advocacy to advance the causes of their clients.

5th Annual Youth Bake Sale

Every year the children living in SOME’s affordable housing for families, get together and plan a bake sale to raise money for an activity of their choosing. The bake sale is a project that helps them learn about advertising, customer service, budgeting and rewards! This year’s bake sale had some desserts donated from other programs, but the kids were responsible for baking and decorating cupcakes. An email was sent to programs inviting them to come to the bake sale and kids prepared, practiced good customer service techniques and decorated their space. The bake sale was a success! Now the boys and girls are focused on deciding how their hard earned money will be spent. In past years they have gone to skate parks, Six Flags, movies, and more so we are looking forward to seeing what kind of activity is chosen this year.