Meet our SOME Volunteer Corps!

November 15, 2016

At SOME, our goal is to restore hope and dignity, one person at a time, and here we believe that hope and dignity start with the little things—clean clothing, a hot meal, a full belly and a friendly smile. SOME meets these needs through our comprehensive set of services—we provide over 1,000 hot nutritious meals a day in our dining room and serves over 10,000 individuals a year with healthcare, counseling, job training and affordable housing.

But SOME is more than just our services, we are that friendly smile that lets our clients know that they are seen, that they are heard, that they are valued.


SOME would not be possible without our volunteers. We are so grateful to the thousands of people who give of their time every year in our programs. Their service enable us to provide services and support to every person who comes to us for help. Thanks to our volunteers, no one is turned away.

One of our more unique volunteer programs is our SOME Volunteer Corps, a year-long, full time, residential program for single adults in Washington, DC, to change people’s lives, one person at a time. Corps members provide direct service to individuals and families who are marginalized, oppressed, homeless, or in need materially, emotionally or otherwise. SOME’s long-term volunteers live communally and simply in Gandhi House, located near Catholic University in northeast Washington, DC.

Currently, there are five members in SOME’s Volunteer Corps:


Savannah Roy, from New Jersey, is working in the Medical Clinic. “So far my experience has been heart wrenching and frustrating at times, but the joy I get when I can see the positive impact I am making is priceless and overshadows those moments of difficulty. I am learning so much about the complexity of poverty. All the SOME employees show compassion and devotion to their work that is truly inspiring. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity, as well as to gain more insight into how I can treat the underserved as an aspiring physician. It is an experience I will carry with me.”

Rabia Mirza, from Florida, is working with Senior Services and in the Medical Clinic. “After two months with SOME, I am not only incredibly grateful for the people that I work with but also for the stories others have graciously shared with me. Working at Kuehner House has been eye opening. I have a far greater understanding of the obstacles that low-income seniors face and I am blessed to work with an incredible, passionate, and dedicated team of people striving to meet their needs. SOME does so much in terms of continued care for people experiencing homelessness. They don’t just provide housing and food, but also work to establish continued care until a person regains his/her independence and sense of safety and comfort.”

Elly Vos, from Hawaii, is working in SOME’s Transitional Housing. “Programs at SOME can change lives, and it has already changed mine. I was placed in Transitional Housing as a Career Development Mentor. I facilitate trainings to the clients in recovery, assisting them with job search, interviewing, networking, etc. I have learned from my clients that addiction does not discriminate and can strike at any time.”


Derek Dissell, from Ohio, is working in Isaiah House. “Being here is truly a blessing. Each day I am inspired and learning from our clients; there is power both in the stories that they tell and their desire to live even though they face constant obstacles. Previously, much of the non-profit work I had done was at a distance from suffering or in an office; at Isaiah House, we take in everyone and try to meet what they need.”

Brian Huynh, from Virginia, is working in Isaiah House and with children living at Zagami House. “Over the past couple of months, my experience with SOME has been immensely positive and fulfilling. As a day program volunteer at Isaiah House, I assist in the needs of our clients and motivate them to achieve their personal and career-related goals. Being put in a position to serve those in need really has made me realize how blessed I am as a young, able bodied, man. I can’t thank SOME enough for the experience it has given me thus far.”

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