Integrated Basic Education Key to Job Training Success

July 6, 2016


We know from experience that graduates of the SOME Center for Employment Training (CET) are better able to succeed in their jobs and advance in their careers when they have strong math and reading skills that they can apply on the job.

To help our students to build these skills, SOME CET teaches basic math and reading in the context of technical training. For example, students in the Medical Administrative Assistant program learn decimals by calculating payroll for an office, while Building Maintenance Service Technician students learn fractions by calculating the lengths of offsets in pipe systems.

This innovative approach has enabled SOME CET students to advance several grade levels in academic subjects while developing their industry skills! The average student enters SOME CET with math skills at the 7th grade level. Students are retested halfway through the program, and more than half increase their scores by an Educational Functioning Level – roughly equivalent to two primary school grade levels.

These gains have a meaningful impact on graduates’ employment success. One graduate, Terrance, started work as a laborer for a construction company. Within one week, he was promoted to a technician position because he was able to read a ruler and calculate volume.

Math and reading skills also help graduates to keep their jobs. Over 70% of SOME CET alumni retain their employment for at least one year.

The integration of basic education and technical skills training is just one way that SOME CET meets the needs of low-income students. Learn more about the Center, including how to apply for training and employer partnership opportunities.