“I love coming to work every day”

September 30, 2015


Jennifer Boston, Program Manager at Anna Cooper House, one of SOME’s affordable housing programs for single adults, shares her philosophy and experiences.

I love coming to work every day and being able to touch the lives of everyone I come into contact with. My passion is working with people and I’m in a field where I can do what I’m passionate about and change the lives of others.

I hope that my residents are able to see my passion and the amount of faith that I have in them. In equipping them with resources to help someone that they may know who’s struggling with addiction or mental health issues or homelessness. To get the information out about SOME and the wonderful things that we’re doing here.

The approaches that work best in working with residents are professionalism, non-judgment and empathy – some of the stories that I’ve heard over the years of working with SOME have hit close to home and have reminded me that I too could be one paycheck away from a similar situation. Empathy allows me to stay humble and committed to what I’m setting out to do, and that’s to be in a position of restoration and assistance.

We have an elderly resident who came to us from a senior program. Upon getting to know her, I realized that she had some serious and possibly life threatening medical and mental health issues. I coordinated care with SOME’s Senior Services, our Clinic and Washington Hospital Center.

It was later determined that the resident’s blood pressure was so high, it was exacerbating her glaucoma and her delusions were getting worse. Through the connections with SOME’s all-stars, as well as Washington Hospital Center, I was able to get a court appointed guardian and now the resident has been connected with daily Meals on Wheels delivery as well as regular medical and mental health providers that come to see her.

I love to work with people and to know that at the end of the day, I’ve made a difference in someone’s life.