How SOME is Addressing Domestic Violence

October 12, 2017

Domestic violence is unfortunately a pervasive issues among homeless adults and children and a common experience for the people that SOME serves–up to 60% of families accessing SOME services have experienced domestic violence. Because of the enormous toll domestic violence takes on adult and child survivors, and indeed the entire community, SOME has developed a pro-active approach to preventing domestic violence and addressing its effects.

SOME’s Crisis Response Team is made up of licensed clinicians who can activate quickly to address active case of domestic violence. The Crisis Response Team works with case managers and survivors to access resources, including helping survivors leave an unsafe situation.

SOME’s Domestic Violence Task Force meets monthly to share resources and problem solve. They also provide relevant training for staff on how to compassionately and effectively work with survivors. The Task Force runs preventative workshops in the community to educate people on what domestic violence actually is, how to identify it and how to respond appropriately. These preventative workshops are aimed at adults and teens in the community and also incorporate lessons on building healthy relationships.

Recently, SOME hosted a Couples Retreat, an evening where couples learned strategies to keep their relationships healthy while having fun and relaxing together over dinner. We also hosted our Teen Spirit Week in the spring, which focused on preventing teen dating violence.

Since implementing this pro-active approach, including the creation of the Crisis Response Team and the Task Force, incidences of domestic violence within our programs have significantly decreased, including several months where no incidents were reported.