SOME Resident Hydration Challenge


Hydration Challenge

Residents are getting off to a great start in our affordable housing for single adults as they recently began their hydration challenge. They were given free water bottles donated by Hydra8 as well as a water drinking tracking sheet. The goal of the challenge is to drink 64 ounes of water a day for 31 days. Each day that a resident drinks 64 ounces their name is entered into a raffle to win a gift card. 

Water Challenge Kickoff and Education

They learned about the importance/benefits of drinking water, and learned about fruits/vegetables high in water. Every person in attendance got to sample water infused with fruits and herbs. According to Sierra Coppage (Health and wellness coordinator, pictured above), "Water is known as an essential nutrient and is so important for daily living. It is one of those resources we need for almost everything. The human body is 60 percent water and our blood is 90 percent water. When water is insufficient in the body, it can suffer on so many levels.  With proper hydration we may experience improved brain function, mood, circulation, digestion and more. The best part is we can meet some of our daily water intake needs just by eating fruits and vegetables. Some hydrating fruits and vegetables include watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, cucumber, lettuce, and celery."

Single Adult Housing's Health and Wellness program strives to improve resident’s quality of life through interactive health education workshops, resources, and support that empowers residents to make healthier lifestyle choices. Through consistent health education programs like Healthy Body, Healthy Soul, “Smoke Free You”, and quarterly wellness challenges we educate residents on the importance of physical activity, healthy eating, mindfulness, and smoking cessation in preventing, managing, and reversing chronic disease. Our annual Health and Wellness Fair allows us to build partnerships with outside organizations to best serve our residents and connect them to professionals in various health fields.  With careful programmatic development, the Health and Wellness program is able to foster healthy behavior change and cultivate community well-being in an easy and accessible way.