Changing Lives in SOME’s Dining Room, Starting with his Own

March 8, 2016


Terrance is the Public Safety Officer Supervisor in SOME’s Dining Room. But this was not always so.

For many years Terrance struggled with addiction, lived on the streets or in various city shelters, and took many of his meals in our Dining Room. Life seemed without hope.

While living in his last shelter, he began the slow process of healing and recovery. One day, posted on a bulletin board, he read an ad for a position opening in SOME’s Dining Room.

“I took the risk of applying, and they called me for an interview,” recalls Terrance. “Here I was working in the very place that fed me!”

But things were still not easy. One day, questioning himself and his motivations, Terrance said he clearly heard God’s voice, “I did not send you there for them.” Those words were a turning point. Terrance eventually won Employee of the Month, then Employee of the Quarter, and was eventually promoted to his present position.

“Having been on the other side, not having a place to live, feeling hopeless, not knowing where or when I would eat, I can understand the frustration our guests feel. I want to love them until they love themselves.”

SOME seeks to restore hope and dignity one person at a time. Reflecting on this, Terrance says, “Restoring hope for me is getting guests to go across the street for SOME’s services.”Terrance has walked many guests “across the street.”

“My experience of being homeless and on the street is the best thing for me as I can really understand the struggles of our guests.”

Today, Terrance lives in a SOME residence, hopes to have his own home and, eventually, start his own business. Hope and dignity restored, one person at a time.