Catholic University Symphony Orchestra Brings Music from Papal Mass to SOME Dining Room

September 22, 2015


On Saturday, September 19, lunch guests in SOME’s Dining Room for the Homeless were greeted with a special surprise – a 40-piece symphony orchestra from Catholic University playing music that it will perform for the Pope during the Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on September 23.

As the orchestra tuned up, volunteers and staff listened intently, one commenting “I love my job” as he bustled to set up lunch. The performance was one of the events that Catholic University has organized to mark the visit of the Pope, who will land at Joint Andrews Air Force Base later today.

The orchestra, led by Maestro Simeone Tartaglione, performed Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony No. 4, first movement, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, fourth movement.


On Catholic University’s blog, David Bond, who has been managing the orchestra in advance of the Pope’s visit, said “These people need food of course, but I think they also need beauty and art and music in their lives. The Pope is so invested in the lives of the lowest of the low and in my opinion, playing beautiful music is a way to help them that is right up there with feeding them. Everyone has their gift to give.”

Visit the Catholic University blog to read more and watch an extended video of the event »

We are grateful to the Catholic University Orchestra, Maestro Tartaglione and all of the talented musicians who shared their gifts with our guests.