Building Healthy Relationships Couples Retreat

September 1, 2017


IMG_4213-Twitter-300x200.jpgThis August, we invited all the couples from our affordable housing buildings to come together for a Couples Retreat, an evening where couples would learn strategies to keep their relationships healthy as well as have fun and relax together. We selected a panel to lead the evening and the staff decorated the space and ordered a catered meal for all to share. We wanted to create an evening where they could learn from experts and their peers, enjoy the company of other couples and get answers and advice on how to deal with some of the challenges they face.


The panelists discussed and answered questions on specific behaviors and characteristics of a healthy relationship, strategies to help couples deal with family and marital conflicts, and described ways for couples to strengthen their marriage by creating mission statements and relationship goals. Following up with some of the couples that attended, this is what they had to say:

On the topic of “Tabling”

They thought the tabling strategy was a great tool for them to use; they planned to put heated discussions on hold or table them and revisit them when they were able to communicate effectively.

On the topic of the “Five Love Languages”


One of the women was surprised to hear her husband ask what was her love language. It sparked a discussion on how to love each other in different ways and reminded them to make time for them.

We are grateful to the couples that were able to join us for the evening and hope they take the tools they learned to improve and to continue to work on their relationships.