SOME's Medical Services, Helping the District Take Control of Their Health

A native Washingtonian, James Gregory has always been familiar with SOME and the impact we have had on the community. That’s why when he lost his job back in 2013, he knew that he could rely on SOME for help. “I lost my house and two cars because I was unable to keep up with payments. I went to SOME because I had no health insurance.” 

Through SOME’s Medical Clinic, Mr. Gregory was able to obtain health insurance and worked with his provider on a treatment plan for his health needs, including issuing specialist referrals for physical therapy and neurologist to treat his recent leg pain. Standing at 6’7, the traditional walker was too short for Mr. Gregory and he resorted to using ski poles that were donated by a church member. 

After learning about his need, SOME’s Clinic Office Manager, Earlene Johnson, and Nurse Practitioner, Cathy Hampton, found a specialized walker that was more suitable for his height. Unfortunately, insurance would not cover the specialized walker. Still unemployed, Mr. Gregory was unable to pay the full cost for the walker. A very generous donor donated half of the cost of the walker to ensure that he can remain independent as long as possible, safely and with dignity. “He’s so appreciative and loves his new walker,” says Cathy. “He’s been proactive about his health appointments, which helps prevents any other ailments while treating his current health issue. “Because of the support from my friends, family, and the people at my church I've been able to stay out of the shelters. SOME is helping me manage my high blood pressure and helped me get my new walker. It definitely works better than the ski poles.” said a grateful Mr. Gregory. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Medical Clinic is OPEN and accepting walk-ins ONLY. The Dental Clinic is currently closed. For updates on SOME's operations during COVID-19, click here. If you or someone you know need healthcare, call us at 202.797.8806.