24 Pounds Heavier, Lighter at Heart

October 12, 2018


Ms. Clarice recently moved from Kuehner Place [for Abused and Neglected Elderly] into an apartment at Kuehner House.

Prior to coming to SOME, she had not had a place of her own for over two years.

During that period, every time that Ms. Clarice went to her doctor, he told her that her blood pressure was too high and that she was severely underweight.

“When I came to Kuehner Place, I weighed 90 pounds. Now I weigh 114 pounds,” she says. “My doctor gave me a big hug and told me he was proud of me. I’m not stressed out anymore and I’m at peace, so now I feel better.”

Ms. Clarice is an active participant in the Senior Center, which she attends two to three times per week. She says that she likes to attend because she makes people laugh.

“Some days you have things going on, so it’s nice to just put that aside and laugh. I’m a people person,” she says.