Glimpses of Happiness

Glimpses of Happiness will donate proceeds from the sale of the books to help support the good works of SOME.

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Glimpses of Happiness is a human-interest book that is a labor of love. Laughter for the Soul.


Featuring lighthearted, easy reading, Seinfeld-like vignettes about topics of everyday life. Humor that will make the reader smile and laugh and say yes, this can happen to me too!

Topics that everyone can identify with such as arts and entertainment, clothing and fashion, commentaries, communication, reading, writing, listening, speaking, dining, food, everyday life, families, babies, kids and children, medical, pets, events, socializing, sports, recreation, travel, transportation, weather and much, much, more.

The target audience for this book is far-reaching. From moms, dad, kids, doctors, lawyers, actors, comedians, movie buffs, teachers, just everyday folks.


As you read these lighthearted heartfelt glimpses into life I am sure you will find that everyone can relate to these in one way or another.


Order your copy or learn more about the book at - you can also contact them at their email, [email protected]