A Special Tribute to Father John Adams

Father John Adams joined SOME in 1978, taking charge of the struggling soup kitchen. Through his vision and leadership, SOME has grown into a comprehensive service organization that helps people meet their most basic needs--a hot meal, a clean set of clothes--and helps fight the root causes of homelessness and extreme poverty by offering mental health care, addictions treatment, job training, and affordable housing. This year, as SOME marks its 50th year supporting our most vulnerable neighbors in Washington, D.C., Father John will be moving into an emeritus role, taking a well-deserved step-back from the day-to-day operations, but remaining involved in strategic planning and fundraising. 

Father John's life work is perhaps best represented by the bible passage that hangs in his office: "I want you to share your bread with the hungry, open your homes to the homeless, remove the yoke of injustice, let the oppressed go free."  To honor his legacy,  SOME has established the Father John Fund, which will support a much-needed renovation of the 87-year-old building that houses SOME's Dining Room, as well as special initiatives, capacity building, and ongoing improvements.