“Not Just a Regular Clinic”: How SOME’s Staff Helped Terrence

Terrence first learned about SOME at a service fair for the homeless. He visited SOME’s booth and signed up for a dental appointment.

Terrence had gone for almost three years without proper medical care, and he was skeptical of the comprehensive services that SOME purported to offer. After his dental appointment, he decided to take a chance and confided in a SOME staff member that he wanted to speak to a social worker.

The staff member replied, “no problem, we have someone here.” That same day, Terrence was able to meet with a social worker, primary care doctor and psychiatrist, and receive the medication that he needed for his blood pressure and depression.

Terrence was relieved to finally receive the medical care that he desperately needed. He was also glad to have someone actually listen and hear what he was going through, instead of writing a prescription and sending him on his way. Terrence has set up future appointments at SOME and looks forward to staying under the Clinic’s care while he gets his health back.

Two of Terrence’s goals now are to walk without a cane and to make his late wife proud. His spiral into homelessness was caused by the overwhelming medical bills that he received when his wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. When she passed, life became even more difficult and Terrence lost his home. He was able to maintain odd jobs here and there, but eventually unable to work due to disability.

Terrence is grateful to be connected with SOME and Iooks forward to being able to work again and ultimately becoming a SOME donor.

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